The Cyber List has only one goal: to help you move up the ladder appropriately towards a more mature cybersecurity state. Advocates do not conduct specific cybersecurity work personally, but instead bridge that knowledge gap so that you can make informed decisions on how and where to focus appropriate efforts to improve your company’s level of cybersecurity. We do this by managing a process that involves assessing, educating and procuring the appropriate third-party resources.

Assessments are the foundational element required to ascertain your current cybersecurity position and help construct a strategy that matches your unique needs. TCL Advocates also use results from cybersecurity assessment services to match you and accelerate engagements with the most appropriate third party providers in The Cyber List.



The ECA uses the TCL guided self-assessment tool to gain a very solid first impression of your company’s current cybersecurity maturity. It typically identifies some immediately actionable items and serves as the foundation for all further recommendations by a TCL Advocate. The results of an ECA can then be augmented by additional assessment services to develop a more complete and detailed evaluation of your vulnerabilities and exposures.


TCL conducts phishing tests on your employees’ email accounts, gauging how many are likely to fall prey to scams that often lead to wire transfer fraud or credential theft attempts.


Through phone calls, electronic and/or physical mail, even onsite impersonations, TCL Advocates can evaluate your company’s susceptibility to targeted human intelligence attacks.


Over 95% of the internet is not indexed by public search engines, and some of it is specifically hidden through a variety of obfuscation methods. TCL searches through this “Deep Web” for any information your company would consider sensitive or valuable, including account credentials, discussions of targeting you in hacker forums, financial data, etc.


TCL Advocates search data on past breaches to find exposures your email addresses. If we find that addresses and accompanying data (e.g. names, physical addresses, dates of birth, financial information, etc.) have been exposed, we notify you immediately so that action can be taken to prevent any malicious activity.

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